Matthias Hoegg
Matthias Hoegg | Animation Director

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud’s ET Brain an intelligent, adaptive technology platform for practical applications where data processing, machine learning and real-time processing are key.


Alibaba Cloud ET

Alibaba Clouds ET - short for Evolutionary Technology - is an intelligent, adaptive technology platform that brings together  real-time processing and machine learning to help solve a wide range of practical problems - anything from traffic flow management, to the power grid and healthcare.

Working with the team at Wolff Olins I developed all motion behaviours for the brand in an animation-first approach to visual identity. “Artificial Intelligence” is often perceived as a cold and faceless technology. Alibaba’s ambition is for ET to be a partner for people’s live, not just a tool, so we had to create an interface that would feel natural, friendly and human - as well as decidedly future-facing.

Creative Director: Emma Barratt
Designer: Sidney Lim
Motion Designer: Matthias Hoegg