Short Film —August
Unwanted visitors disturb the tranquility of a campsite at the height of summer. While mayhem breaks out on the lawn, a group of ants makes brave new discoveries in the grass.

* Special Mention in International Student Film Competition at Anima 2010, Brussels
* Featured in the Cartoon Brew TV Student Animation Festival 2010
* Part of the British Film Insitute's National Archive

Modeling and Rendering: Mattias Bjurström, Ian Sargent
Dubbing: Jussi Honka at the NFTS
Percussion track: Christopher Frost
Tent Techno: Gabriel Alex Baumstark
Production: Royal College of Art 2009

AUGUST by Matthias Hoegg, full film from Matthias Hoegg on Vimeo.

What others have said about August:

"...Matthias Hoegg has created that rare student film which manages to be stylish not just visually but also through its unconventional and layered approach to storytelling." - Cartoon Brew, read full article

"... Slickly drawn and animated throughout, the foibles of our world are analysed in a manner I found fascinating; as if one is watching one of those quirky, fly-on-the-wall documentaries that through juxtaposition of material manages to say more about a community than any narrated commentary. Amusing and elucidating, this perspective works in a visual way too: giant cigarette butts or hairy legs seen at ankle height. And alongside, a mystery of the ants, building constructions the purpose for which is unknown to man. A classy, unusual piece of work altogether!" - Ian Lumsden,, read full article

"... A stylish combination of 3D and 2D cut-out-style animation." - John Martz,

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